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The Tech Committee has created a form (click here) to streamline the way Sorors ask for help with anything Technology related. The current way the chapter asks for our help is through a text/a phone call/email. This way isn't really working anymore since the requests are sometimes urgent and one person can't always complete the request in the time Sorors need it completed. With this form, the requests will be shared with the entire Technology Committee so we can all lend a hand. 

Any questions please contact the Technology Committee at

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The Tech Committee has created a new method for submitting reports. Instead of emailing them to the Basileus and Grammateus each month, please directly upload your reports to the form which can be found on the top right of the Executive Committee page. After clicking submit, the reports will be automatically shared with the Basileus, Grammateus, and Technology Committee.

Any questions please contact the Technology Committee at

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The IEO Praise team is looking for Sorors who would like to lead prayer or read scripture. If you do, please choose a Sunday or Wednesday through May 27th, 2020 that you will lead prayer or read our scripture. Also please try to be on the call at all times if possible especially, if you have made a request. For more information, please contact our Chaplain, Soror Gwen, at

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