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About Iota Epsilon Omega

On January 31, 1971, 17 women from Bergen County, New Jersey gathered at the Marriott Hotel in Saddle Brook, New Jersey for their chartering ceremony, thus becoming the first graduate chapter of any black Greek-lettered organization in the county. For more than 18 months prior to this date, these women met under the leadership of Gene-Ann Polk Horne, laying the foundation for this newly formed chapter, Iota Epsilon Omega. Mrs. Horne later became the first elected President.
The ceremony was conducted by Anne Mitchum who was the North Atlantic Regional Director during that time. Mrs. Davis was assisted by Esther Pollard, a past North Atlantic Regional Director. Over 60 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated
® women from around the region came to share good wishes for this long awaited event.
The 17 charter members continued to meet on a monthly basis in each other’s homes to set standards of procedures and by-laws that would govern the newly formed chapter. From the beginning, scholarships have been a major focus of the chapter. Over the years Iota Epsilon Omega has given over $400,000 in scholarships to deserving young men and women.
In addition to scholarships, the chapter has been a leader in community efforts to register
 voters, beautify neighborhoods, educate our youth, sponsor the arts, stroll to the polls, and sponsor programs and services related to health, economics, and education. We have advocated for literacy across all ages, helped build youth leaders, and planted trees.
The chapter is the sponsor of the undergraduate chapter Nu Kappa located at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck.

Charter Members

Mabel Beale*

Alice L Benekin*

Beverly Cannon*

Ethel McGhee Davis*
Jacqueline Gibbs*

Elizabeth (Graham) Early

Elaine Gunthorpe*

Olive Hazel*

Gene-Ann Polk Horne*

Gloria Howard*

Wilma Jones*

Barbara Kay*

Mildred Laster*

Virginia Lathen*

Louise Porter*
Barbara Wood*
Joanne Wynne​

(*) denotes deceased

Executive Leadership

Gail Smith, President

Gwendolyn Larry, Vice President

Yolonda Pickett, Recording Secretary

Tanisha Russell Day, 2nd Recording Secretary


Alicia Henderson, Treasurer


Regina Ladson, Financial Secretary


Intisar Foster, 2nd Financial Secretary

Tiffany Lawson, Corresponding Secretary

Janiqua Green, Chaplain


Samantha Wilson, Ivy Leaf Reporter

Minnie Adams, Hospitality

Jeanelle Beach, Historian

Natalie Cureton, Graduate Advisor

Nellie Jenkins, Sergeant at Arms

Ingrid Green Jones, Parliamentarian

Intisar Foster, Web Mistress

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