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  • Reports:

    • All reports should be submitted 7 to 10 days after meetings are held in order to allow for enough time to collate and disseminate reports to the chapter, unless the meeting is held the last week of the month.

    • All reports should be sent to the Basileus & Grammateus by uploading into the correct portal.

    • All reports should be saved in your "AKAIEO" Google Drive.

    • All reports should be submitted as a PDF document.

    • All reports should all follow the naming structure for audit purposes.

      • The month listed in the heading and title of the report is the month the meeting was held. Only pertinent information needs to be communicated to the chapter during the meeting.

  • Committee Meetings:

    • If a date change is needed, inform the Basileus and Technology Chairman as soon as possible so the calendar can be checked for availability.

    • When sending committee meeting notices, send to the chapter at least a week in advance to the entire chapter. Someone may get the urge to attend a committee meeting and join the committee.

  • Executive Committee Meeting:

    • If you are unable to attend the Executive Committee Meeting, please advise the Basileus.

      • A quorum must be present in order to transact business and act on any issues.

    • The Executive Committee Meeting details are always at the top of the Executive Committee Agenda.

  • Chapter Meetings:

    • Chapter Meeting notice(s) will be sent to the chapter at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

    • When making a recommendation during your report, bring it to the chapter as a committee recommendation, not from an individual.

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